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For over two decades Forest Youth Success has been providing Skamania County youth with an excellent summer job opportunity. This blog is written by the Crew Leaders, Mentors, Crew Members, and others that participate in the Forest Youth Success program. We will write inclusively about our FYS experiences; persevering through project completion, learning from project partners, becoming a stronger team in 4-H challenge initiatives, and improving our personal life skills as we move through the work season. This summer we will write about our hard work, grit, and laughter. Join us! 

Recent Posts
Week 3 
Week 3, Johnathan C (Crew 1)
Leadership would really help if I were to apply to another job and all my work ethic. The amount of time we spend at the job too; because it's not easy working all those hours and having to wait to be able to eat your lunch. ​Patience​ - you want the job to be well done and it has to look good. ​Determination​ to finish the job.
Posted by Clark-BennettS  On Jul 22, 2019 at 6:13 PM
Week 2 
Week 2, Dylan D (Crew 3)
This week I was surprised at the amount of work we got done. We got 2 forest service projects done in one week! First, we worked on top of Old Man's Pass. We were told to clear out the whole 2 acre field of all trees that were in the way of sledders coming down the hill. We finished clearing and moving trees out of the way at around lunch time on the second day. After lunch, we worked at cleaning up all the garbage from the hill and trimming the sides and ways ways. We cut down a bigger tree that was in the way of the walk way on the side and now there are two paths to the top without getting in the way of other people sledding. Next week I am going to keep working until we leave so that we get more work done and I'm going to work hard to pay more attention to detail. 
Posted by Clark-BennettS  On Jul 22, 2019 at 5:54 PM
Week 1 
Week 1, Danyka M (Crew 2)
This week was very successful in different ways. At first, everyone in my crew was quiet and closed off from each other. But within barely an hour, we all became great friends. FYS has really pushed us out of our comfort zones and into our growth zone. Learning the tools and how to use them was difficult, but it paid off when we all got the hang of it. Being able to step out of my comfort zone during group challenge is hard but it got better. This week gave us a taste of what life in FYS really is like. From hiking 1.5 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail all up hill to weed whacking lots of grass. This program pushes you out of your comfort zone but making you grow as a person.
Posted by Clark-BennettS  On Jul 22, 2019 at 5:54 PM
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